Airs Lin

Software Engineer / Network Engineer / Electrical Engineer


I have graduated from Cal State LA in 2012 with M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering specializing in Computer areas. Currently, I am a lecturer at the California State University of Los Angeles and teach computer-related courses.

Airs at SPACE Lab


  • Semi-Autonomous Robotic Project, Head-Tracking Control System.
  • EaglePSoC Development Board design (EagleSoC Board)
  • EZ-PSoC LIB for EagleSoC Board (EZ-PSoC LIB)
  • Cube-Sattelite Project


  • 20+ years experience in C/C++ programming, software engineering, software development, software architecture, software development methodology and practices, web, internet, intranet, distributed application, multi-threading and parallel computing applications, client/server, object-oriented analysis, and design.
  • 5+ years experience in microprocessor control, computer control system with PLC (programmable logic controller), and firmware development for microprocessor, sensors, FPGA, and hardware design.
  • 5+ years of experience in IT/Networking, strong knowledge of LAN/WAN security policies and procedures.
  • Provided training to clients in the application of new technologies. Tailored application and training to fit clients' needs and resources.
  • Solid technical background and current IT knowledge. Broad-based experience ranging from micro-control applications and client/server applications to the latest internet/web parallel application development. Learn new technologies and practices quickly.
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Career history includes many examples of creative solutions using available tools and technologies. Understand and view projects within the larger context of client or management goals.



  • Computer Language:

C/C++, 8088/Z80/PIC/8051 Assembly, HTML/PHP,

  • Windows-based applications using:

CodeGear C++ Builder, COM, DCOM, NT service applications, XML, Multi-threading applications, Internet Applications, and Parallel computing system

  • Object-oriented analysis and design using:


  • Client/server and Database applications using:

CodeGear C++ Builder, InterBase Server, My-SQL / Microsoft SQL Server, Access, DbExpress, ADO, Multi-Tier Applications

  • Networking skills:

TCP/IP, Ethernet, Cisco Router/Switch/Hub, Mikrotik RouterOS, Internet Security and Bandwidth Control, Firewall, Voice over IP, VPN Connection

  • CISCO CCNA Training:

Routing Protocols and Concepts, Network Fundamentals, Wide Area Networks

  • Embedded system using:

Windows CE, Windows Embedded XP and Windows Embedded Standard 7, Embedded Linux, Cypress PSoC

  • Hardware design using:

FPGA design using Xilinx ISE Design Suite, the firmware for USB controller, Keil uVision SDK, VeriLogger, MATLAB, LabView, VadSoft Eagle PCB design

  • Desktop applications using:

Microsoft Office, VMware virtual machine, Apple MAC OS X, Windows OS, Windows Home Server


California State University, Los Angeles, CA
Instructor– 2014 Fall Quarter - Present (Link)

2016 Fall Semester ~ Present

  • EE-2049 Electrical Measurements and Circuits Laboratory
  • EE-2440 Digital Engineering (Digital Design with Verilog)
  • EE-2449 Digital Logic Laboratory
  • EE-2450 Embedded Programming - I (C/C++ using C++Builder)
  • EE-3001 Numerical Analysis and Modeling Using MATLAB
  • EE-3450 Embedded Programming - II (Ti TIVA LaunchPad)
  • EE-4450 Embedded Architectures (PSoC5LP and Real-TIme OS)
  • EE-4480 Advanced Digital Design (MIPS CPU Implement on FPGA)
  • Senior Design Advisor

2014 Fall Quarter ~ 2016 Spring Quarter

  • EE-244 Digital Design
  • EE-345 Microcomputer Programming
  • EE-445 Microprocessor Interface Design
  • EE-446 Embedded Architectures
  • EE-449 Computer Organization and Design

NASA S.P.A.C.E Lab @ California State University, Los Angeles, CA
Graduate Research Assistant – Apr 2011 – Aug 2014

  • Developed an Embedded System for EE-446, included a Windows application, USB firmware, FPGA, and full handshaking protocol.
    • Students can learn from this system: (1) how to send/receive the USB data in the Windows application, (2) how to develop USB firmware (8051 core), (3) how to design the FPGA code using Verilog, and (4) how to define and develop a full handshaking protocol in hardware and software.
    • The EE students also can learn from this system about the embedded system development, which included a user application (Windows GUI), a data transmission (USB interface), and a data processing (FPGA hardware processor).
  • Lead the team to develop the Mobile Robot project. The system included a PSoC controller, Host PC, embedded robot PC, and sensors.
  • Developing the software APIs for hardware sensors that connected with microcontroller using I2C, SPI, and UART interfaces. (Cypress PSoC5, TI MSP430, Atmel AVR).


Research Assistant – Aug 2005 – Mar 2011

  • Created the experiments for student – (a) "The experiment for Windows CE Embedded System" (EE-499), (b) "The Handshaking Protocol for M68HC11 Experiment" (EE-445), and (c) "Share Memory Access between the Multiprocessors in the Windows Platform" (Lab).
    • In the (a), students can learn: (1) how to create and deploy an embedded image, (2) how the system performance in different hardware configurations.
    • In the (b), designed an MSG Component for THRSim (an M68HC11 simulation program), so students can easily learn how to program the M68HC11 with the peripheral using Full handshaking Protocol.
    • In the (c), designed a system to present how to exchange the message between the different processes and/or threads in the Windows OS system.
      Developed a Tuple-space parallel transaction system for the Telecommunication applications.
  • Developed a Tuple-space parallel transaction system for the Telecommunication applications. (For Conference Paper)
  • Designed a fault-tolerant database server with a Tuple Space system. (For Thesis)

Laban Pen, Fullerton, CA
Network/IT Engineer – Aug 2004 – Aug 2005

  • Developed an e-commerce web site to sell the products on the internet.
  • Built the VPN system for Manager to access internal networks from outside.
  • Maintained the networking, computers, and Windows server.
  • Built the VoIP system for Taiwan and USA offices.

Euston Investment Inc., Diamond Bar, CA
Database Engineer/IT Engineer – Oct 2003 – Jul 2004

  • Design, implement and maintain enterprise-level web-based applications with database interfaces using a variety of tools/languages.
  • Administrate the network activity – online transactions, emails, traffic monitor, and track.

Happywork Information Technology Co., Taipei, Taiwan
Project Manager/Sr. Software Engineer – Aug 1999 – Jul 2001

  • Led the team to develop the systems for governmental projects.
    • Led a team to design and implement the CIM system (Card Issue Machine) - Smart Card Project for Taipei Rapid Transit Corp.
    • Participated in drawing up system specifications and functions for the ETC system (Electronic Toll Collection Project).
  • Designed a Short Message Service interface (SMS, a text messaging service) for Far Eastone Telecom Co., to provide a service for their customer to send messages to mobile phones via the internet.

Enlite Computer and System Information Co., Taipei, Taiwan
Senior Software Engineer – Oct 1998 – Jul 1999

  • Developed the internet applications, computer control systems, and homepage for several companies in Taiwan.

ASTOR International Enterprises Co., Taipei, Taiwan
Software Engineer/Network System Engineer – Mar 1994 – Sep 1998

  • Designed Network System, Internet, Firewall, Network/Voice/Fax Integration System, Proxy Server, Email Server, and Fax Server

Veridata Electronics Inc., TaoYuan, Taiwan
Software Engineer – Mar 1993 – Feb 1994

  • Designed a system to support Power Management function under Windows 3.1/95 for the Notebook computers using C++, Assembly.


California State University, Los Angeles, CA
M.S., Electrical Engineering - 2012
GPA: 3.950 / 4.000

California State University, Los Angeles, CA
B.S., Electrical Engineering - 2009
GPA: 3.534 / 4.000

LungHwa University of Science and Technology, TaoYuan, Taiwan
A.A., Electrical Engineering - 1990
GPA: 3.550 / 4.000


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